Iran Train journeys





The trains class system in Iran might get a bit confusing for people outside of the country, multiple private companies are running the trains and numerous models working in the years. The system is based on a rank from 2 to 5 stars with varying services depending on the company. So for ease of access, we have grouped them into 4 main ranks. Luxury, 1st 2nd, and 3rd class. It is worth noting that all of these types provide a way of serving food (restaurants or…), monitors for watching movies in each compartment, sleeping packages (two sheets, a pillowcase), and a small water bottle for each person.

*All trains have all women or all men compartments that you can use if you are traveling solo or prefer one.




These 4 bedded compartment trains only work in some routes, the most famous of them being Tehran – Mashhad. With Wi-Fi and intercom system and monitors, Sanitary packs, snacks, headphones, train attendants to call, and luxury restaurants on board these types of the train were made for a luxury and comfortable trip.




1st class

These trains are also 4 bedded minus some of the luxury trains features like Wi-Fi, on-trip snacks (they only have pre-departure snacks), free headphones, and sometimes an intercom system. These are minor inconveniences that can be looked over, 1st class trains all have entertaining systems in compartments and most of them have restaurants on board with good quality food.





2nd class

These trains have all the functions of the 1st class but the compartments are 6 bedded. It could get a bit crowded in the compartments but with good company, it could be a lot of fun on long trips.







3rd class

3rd class trains are not in use in many routes, these are older trains that travel short distances, are 6 bedded, and may not have monitors or restaurants on them. They are mostly used in between smaller towns and uncrowded routes.






In this list, you can sample prices for the most traveled routes in the country, for more information you can fill out our train ticket form.


Route 1st Class Luxury
Tehran – Mashhad 17 € 32€
Tehran – Bandar Abbas 18€
Esfahan – Mashhad 17€
Ahvaz – Tehran 12€ 27€
Tabriz – Tehran 12€
Tehran – Shiraz 15€
Tehran – Kerman 17€
Yazd – Tehran 12€
Esfahan – Tehran 11€