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Mountaineering in Iran

Not only in the trekking field is Iran renowned, but is very much admired in the mountaineering fields. Iran is home to one of the highest mountains in the region including Mount Damavand, Mount Sabalan, Mount Dena, Mount Alvand and many other peaks famous for mountaineering.

There are several mountaineering activities in Iran however, you will find one mountaineering peak which rises above 5000m and openes its peak to climbers since years up to now. For mountaineering the partakers must be in good physical conditions with sound health. Our company will provide you with experienced guides and expedition staff who are familiar with all the routes and the peaks allowing you to have a memorable experience.

Mountaineering is one of the most challenging and exciting activities in Iran and the country offers a range of climbable mountains. In Iran, to climb mountains, you must join an expedition or have a group of your own. There is a climbing permit fee and regulations for Damavand peak (5671m) to be followed.
Mountain climbing involves an element of danger and you will be spending a lot of time at altitudes in excess of 4000m to 5000m hence, You should be physically and mentally prepared and you must have previous climbing and high altitude experience for your own benefit and that of others in your expedition.
When you join an expedition with Adventure Iran, we will arrange the details for you and assist you in making the climbing permits. We also arrange all the logistics for your expedition but you will be responsible for your own personal clothing. It’s very important that you supply yourself with high quality functional equipment and high altitude clothing for your journey. It is our responsibility to provide the like for the expedition staff. We are also required to provide insurance for our staffs and you should do the same for yourself, an insurance covering high altitude evacuation and mountaineering.


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MT Damavand (Iran’s highest peak)