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Iran Ski FAQS

Iran has about 13 ski resort in different region of Iran.

There are Dizin, Darbandsar, Shemshak, Pooladkaf, Fereydoonshahr, Khoshakoo, Kakan, Alvars, Chelgerd, Tarik Dareh, Bijar

The most famous and largest Iran Ski Resort is DIZIN. After that Darbandsar is the second important Iran Ski resort. Touchal and Shemshak are the other Iran well known ski piste as well.

Dizin, Pooladkaf, Touchal and Shemshak has hotel inside of the piste and their facilities are better than the other Iranian piste.

Dizin is the best piste for skiing in Iran. It’s the biggest and has most ski lifts and gondolas to compare with the others.

In general Iran ski season start from December and its finish around April.

Iran volume of snow of the ski regions are very good and the quality of the snow is one of the best in the world. The service facility and type of accommodations is not as well as the world class ski resorts.

Yes you can. In the most Iran ski resort there are ski shops inside or around the piste and you can hire your skis, ski boots, helmet, ski cloths. In the most famous Iran ski resorts like Dizin and Darbandsar you have all ski size and brand new skis for rent.

Yes there are. In Iran there are many ski instructors from beginner up to professional and advance skiing.

Most of the ski instructors can communicate with their student and minority of them can speak English very well.