Adventure Iran Tours FAQs

The acclimatization program will get your body prepared to temperature, altitude, and environment.

The acclimatization program is intended to help adventurers adapt to the higher altitude. Especially if he/she  lives in places on the sea level or less than 1,000meters above the sea level. You will arrive at the first base camp with an altitude of 2,770m above the sea level. Here you will relax, rest for that day and sleep in that altitude to get your body prepared for the climb for the following days.

You will get your body prepared for the climb ahead.  Cause the ascending will continue to 5,610 meters. By taking the program you are getting your body adapted to the surrounding environment.

The season for ascending mount Damavand is the beginning of April till end of August. During these months you will have a greater chance of reaching the summit.

In all the 4 season’s you can try to ascend to the summit, but if you wish you ascend to the summit, your body really needs to be fit, carry professional gear, clothe, and lots of experience in ascending for you and the team members specially during the winter season.

Due to the snowy weather conditions in winter and lack of mule in the region, and frozen ice on the floor, unpredictability of the weather, and large volume of equipment’s that need to be transported,  Adventure Iran will not run the Damavand tour in the Winter seasons.

The route is predefined by the agency but we may alter the route for agencies and individual groups. Due to the higher costs that are involved with operating the tour, most customer’s go for predefined path provided by Adventure Iran.

When ascending Mount Damavand, since you will be carrying one days pack (back pack),  you wont need to be very fit  for the first two days. But the most difficult part will be on the third day of the ascend, which will be from Bargah Sevom to the summit and returning from there.

Please Note: The general time for the ascend from Bargah Sevom towards the summit will be 6-7 hours and returning from the summit to Bargah Sevom 3-4 hours.

For the adventure travelers that have a mid-level of fitness have better chance of reaching the summit.

One of the most  popular reasons that many travelers coming from different parts of the world that take the acclimatization program is to get their body ready for the fourth day of ascend. The traveler gets his/her body more time to gradually pace his body to the altitude. This acclimatization program is recommended for people that live close to the sea level .

It will indeed help travelers coming from sea level locations. This acclimatization program will be done in another mountain called Koloon Bastak.

This Mount Damavand can be done with ONLY one person. But kindly bear in mind that this will increase the price dramatically.

We provide weekly departures for Mount Damavand. Maximum group size is of 12 person’s.

If the required number of people hasn’t been reached, Adventure Iran has the right to cancel or set it up in another specified departure. The traveler’s will be informed one month before the due of any foreseeable cancellation.

The south face trekking route is safe and comes with low inclines and there is no need for ropes or crampons.  You won’t be passing through frozen snow or passing through edge of cliffs.

What type of shoes will I need for Mount Damavand ascending towards the summit?

One of the most important items on this tour, is your shoes. Your shoes should have the following requirements:

  • It should cover your ankle.
  • It should be water resistant.
  • The shoes layers should be breathable.

During the summer, trekking shoes and back packing should suffice (should be sufficient)

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions that may arise on the way to the summit.  You will need the following:

  • Warm shirts
  • Polar coats
  • Gore-Tex coats
  • Light fur coat
  • Hand gloves
  • Sun glasses UV (ultra violet) protection
  • Wraparound sun glasses (wind protection)
  • Polar caps
  • Minimum two pairs of winter  socks
  • Base layer pants and shirts
  • Flees or polar hat

It will include the following:

  • Edible foods
  • Drinking water
  • Light drinks
  • Tent and camping equipment
  • Cooking equipment
  • First aid kit

The shelter in Bargah Sevom comes with four private rooms and a common room. But due to the high requests in the summer, most of the time we will camp out.

After 5,300m you will smell the sulfur gases but it’s not enough to cause health problems.  If you desire you can use masks or cover your mouth using clothe.

  • Trekking poles
  • Sun Block SPF min 30
  • Bag pack 35-45 liter’s

Adventure Iran provides all of the meals,  and water for the journey. But if the travelers decide to brings along snack or mineral water he can if he wants/wishes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The tour guide has the right to change, alter or cancel the trip due to weather conditions.
Due to the unpredictability of weather conditions, the program may get extended (the extra costs associated to, night stay, guides expense, and food) is NOT included.
Due to the high altitudes that the traveler faces, he/she must inform Adventure Iran of ANY health problems they have.

There aren’t any water fountains to drink or have a fill-up on the way.  You will have access to water between the second (Gusfand Sara) to the third camp ( Bargah Sevom).  On the third camp (Gusfand Sara) you can buy mineral water. There you will a water spring, which is reserved for cleaning which may not be suitable for drinking.

The Damavand Mountain is a volcanic conical mountain with sixteen crests to reach the summit. But out of the sixteen crests, only four of the crests have safe haven or shelters. Out of the four crests ONLY two of the crests have support to the ascenders. The southern crest passes through Polur village, and the path for the Northern crests will be passing through the southern crest.  Thus the path for the southern crests is the most commonly used route and chosen for its fewer gradients for trekking which makes it the ideal choice to ascending to the summit. The south ascending summit you will face less obstacles or large inclines and having access to shelter in 4,250 meters.

Adventure Iran is in charge of handling any permission required for Mount Damavand ascends.

One of the most important items on this tour, is your shoes. Your shoes should have the following requirements:

  • It should cover your ankle.
  • It should be water resistant.
  • The shoes layers should be breathable.?!?!!

During the summer, trekking shoes and back packing should suffice (should be sufficient).

Adventure Iran provides sleeping bags, utensils and tents. The required items to carry along is mentioned in the “what to bring” in every tour package tab column.

A briefing will take place usually one day before the trip. You will be notified for the exact time and place.

The pick-up time will be at 06:00AM on the departure date. If there is any change in the itinerary you will be notified in advance.


Foreign people ATM’s cards from their own country (inclusive Visa, master cards) will not work by the ATM machines in Iran. You can bring the desired amount with you to Iran. The Airport and hotels are good places where you can exchange your currency.

Further information regarding the Alamut trip will be available on the “itinerary” tab on the designated tour.

You will pay the remainder of the cash during our briefing session or in our office.


Spring (March-May)

Summer (June-August)

Fall/Autumn (September-November)

Winter (December-February)


The “backpacking Alamut trek, Garmarud to Yuj” you will be picked up from Tehran and dropped off in Tehran or Tonekabon.

The “trekking from Alamut toward the Caspian and exploring coastal villages” the pickup will be from Tehran and drop off points will be back to Tehran or Tonekabon.

The” Valley of Assassins , trekking through Alborz to the Caspian sea, Masuleh and Rasht”. The pickup point will be from Tehran and the drop-off point will be back in Tehran or Rasht.

You can keep your suitcase in the hotel where you are staying at. They have luggage storage where you can keep your none essential items like suitcase.

Visa will be granted by the Iranian Embassy for 30 days which can be extended to a maximum duration of 90 days.

Kindly look at the hyperlink for a list of Iranian embassy/consulate closest where you reside.  Kindly bear in mind that once you decide upon the location of the pickup of your Iranian Visa stamp. This location cannot be changed.

Adventure Iran accepts ONLY USD and EURO’s.

You can exchange your currency when you  arrive in in Tehran at the Imam Khomaini airport (IKA).

The hotel can also exchange your currency to Iranian Rials but in the lower rate.

We can arrange hotels for the travelers coming to Iran. Travelers are permitted to upgrade their hotel if required. Costs will apply depending on the tour

For bus ticket we can help you to reserve it, it’s not difficult and you can reserve it when you arrive in Tehran.

What is the temperature during that period of time? Average daytime and night time temperature.

During the night the weather will reach below -0 °C. During the day time the coldest will be 5-7 °C

We will provide a vehicle service to pick you up from the designated locations. Please notify us in advanced to pick you guys up from the hotel. The time of the pick-up will be mentioned in the itinerary after final booking and down payment.

Each person can carry around 25-30 Kg’s per person on the flights. On the trip each person can bring along a bag with 15 kg’s per person. It is advised that you do not carry a suitcase. It is advised that you carry an overnight bag or duffel bag for the trip. Extra luggage can be kept in your Hotel storage compartment. If you will be joining us on the day of the trip, you may keep your luggage in our storage office.

For each tour we have assigned a tap called “what to bring” for the designated trip.

After making your reservation, kindly have a look at the hyperlink for more information. Please send us a copy of your down payment once you make the deposit.

It is included in your tour package. You may bring your tenting equipment if you want.

Kindly click on the reserve button and fill out the details completely.

  • We can only apply for Agencies, tour agencies and adventurers that book their whole trip with us. For the visa reference number procedure please look at the hyperlink for more information.
  • For those members that fit the above criteria, kindly fill out the application form completely and make sure you leave nothing behind. Please attach a copy of your passport page; the file size should not exceed 100KB’s.
  • If you have travelled to Iran previously, kindly mention the exact date.
  • Necessary documents needed for Visa stamp. Kindly have a look at the hyperlink for more information. You can also double check by visiting the Iranian embassy/consulate of the desired country for the necessary documents.
  • For ABC nationals (American, British, and Canadian) we will have to arrange a specific guide ONLY from the Iranian tourism board from the point of entry to Iran until the departure date. This will increase the price of the tour. Kindly have a look at the hyperlink for more information.

Iran is one of the most amazing destinations for MOUNTAIN BIKING in Asia and is one of the countries where you can do cycling and mountain biking year round. Depending on your interests and the level of your experience you will have a wide range of options, cycling in the desert, mountain biking in high altitude mountains, crossing national parks and protected areas, cycling through the Silk Road and staying in the amazing renovated caravanserais along visiting Iran UNESCO sites are among the many destinations that our company covers. We have created a lot of articles, videos and a stocked up Photo Gallery in our web site and we recommend that you check it for more information.

There is no definite answer for this question because there are a lot of factors involved in this answer. The short answer is that April and May are perfect for Iran first timers and those who would like to combine their cycling holiday with cultural and historical tours. Also October and May would be another choice for the above group. For those who have already visited Iran before and would like to only come to Iran for a cycling holiday the answer is that the entire year is the best season. For example, winter is one of the low seasons of Iran for mass tourism but for those who are interested in off the beaten track cycling, winter is the best season for it in Iran. Cycling through the coast of the Persian Gulf or our cycling tour in Sistan and Baluchistan are one of the most amazing cycling tours in Iran. We wrote a couple of valuable articles in our BLOG like CYCLING IN IRAN, MOUNTAIN BIKING IN IRAN, 10 BEST CYCLING ROUTES IN IRAN, BEST TIME OF CYCLING IN IRAN, NORTH TEHRAN MOUNTAIN BIKING IN CENTRAL ALBORZ MOUNTAINS, 11 BEST MOUNTAIN BIKING DESTINATIONS IN IRAN, BEST MONTH OF MOUNTAIN BIKING IN IRAN and you can contact us for more information regarding your cycling holiday in Iran.

In Iran many people do cycle touring and different types of mountain biking like cross country, all mountains, downhill and single track mountain biking. They do it mostly during Iran’s weekends, which are Thursday and Friday. Also during Iran national holiday, there are a few Iranian clubs that have fixed departure mountain biking tours in Iran.

Yes, for sure you can bring your bicycle to Iran. Many of our clients bring their own bikes for their long holiday and some of them who would like to continue their trip to another destination or come here for a cultural tour and only do a few days of cycling, usually don’t bring their own mountain bikes with them.

AdventureIran offers different types of bicycles for rent. We offer hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes. Also we have a few bicycles which are proper for desert or road cycling. For more information, please check this link: IRAN BICYCLE RENTAL

We have nearly all of the bicycle equipment and parts that you may require. Different sizes of tire, tube and body are available in our storage in Lavasan. Also we have Gel saddles along with our general mountain bike saddles, Shimano SBD Pedal, extra crank arms and crank set, different sizes of helmets, flat tire kits and pumps. If you are curious about a specific part, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Most of the bikes are new and our bicycle engineer maintains all of the bikes after each trip and the bikes are in very good condition.

All of the AdventureIran Rental bikes come with one helmet, water bottle, one tube flat rite kits with a small flat tire bicycle bag.

We also have another storage in the south of Tehran and a few of our bicycles are stored in the capital. If you require a special bike like full suspension bikes, please inform us in advance and we will arrange a transfer to Tehran.

Please send your inquiry and we will reply to you accordingly.

We offer the finest type of mountain biking tours to our clients. Our mountain biking tours are seasonal and each one of our tours goes to a special region of Iran.

Most of our mountain bike guides are Bike coaches and they are professional mountain bikers as well. Also most of them speak English very well so no worries there.

In Iran there are some Cyclers who are multilingual but unfortunately, they are not tour guides. At this moment we only have a German speaking guide among our staff. For most of our trips that we perform for travel companies, we send a cultural guide along with the tour. If you are a travel company or group, please get in touch for more details

AdventureIran has its own vehicles for transportation. We have jeeps that are designed for our mountain biking tours, with special roof carriers for bicycles. Please have a look at the photo gallery of our MOUNTAIN BIKING LOGISTICS AND OPERATION to have a better picture of how we operate the cycling tours.

Legally you can cycle in all cities of Iran, but in some of them like Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan, and Mashhad we don’t recommend cycling on the streets as they are very crowded and dangerous, especially when you don’t have a cycling guide.

For sure women can cycle in Iran, there is no limitation for it. If you check some of our cycling tours photos in the photo gallery of the web site, you will see that actually most of our customers are women.

For men they can wear what they wear in their country. They can wear shorts as well but we recommend it to be at least above knee and not too short. For ladies, they should cover their hands and legs as well as their hair. This is especially necessary when you are in the society in towns, villages or rural areas. Please check a couple of our cycling tour videos to have a better understanding of the clothes you can wear for traveling to Iran. For more information, please have a look at the below LINK:

The Dress code

Depending on the region of the cycling, we use different types of accommodation for our trips. We mostly use good quality tourist hotels in main cities. If we have a traditional hotel, boutique hotel or renovated caravanserai available in those cities we try to book the best possible one for our tours. In small towns we use the best available hotel. In villages we use Persian traditional guest houses or boutique hotels.

Not only our cycling tour but also all of our tours are done with a small group of people with the Average size being between 4-8 people.

Our cycling tours can be booked like any other tour. Please check the HOW TO BOOK page to find out what is the requirement for your upcoming trip. The only difference is that if you would like to hire a bicycle along your trip, we will send a form after your booking to reserve a suitable mountain bike for your liking.

Yes, it’s possible to have a cycling tour in Iran. As the above ABC group cannot travel to Iran individually and they should book a tour accompanied by a guide and according to their travel itinerary they can travel to Iran for cycling. For more information, please check this link

Note: Getting a visa for American cyclists is the hardest among the mentioned three. They have some restrictions for traveling in remote areas or mountains. Their travel itinerary should consist of cycling through cities or urban destinations. If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.