Farnaz’s Profile

Adventure Iran Team
Farnaz was born and raised in Tehran. she studied Cinema in her city and has done some work in the short film industry here in Iran. She has worked mostly as editor and sometimes crew in the industry, she’s a true artist at heart. Music has a special place in her life and she also has great love for theater and enjoys it as much as Cinema. Cinema and its related works have been her passion for a long time but working with Adventure Iran has given her an opportunity to combine her other interest which is nature travel with her work. she has a good understanding on Iranian History and culture and has traveled to most of Iran’s destinations and big cities. she loves Historical places and museums. she joined the compony as an editor at first. you can see some of her work in our YouTube channel. she also has worked on our site and still writes for our blog but because she enjoys communicating with different groups and classes of people and on top of that showing Iran to the world has been a long time dream of her, she has joined our sales departments in B2C sales to better help our customers receive services .