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Alamut Trekking Tours FAQs

Adventure Iran provides sleeping bags, utensils and tents. The required items to carry along is mentioned in the “what to bring” in every tour package tab column.

A briefing will take place usually one day before the trip. You will be notified for the exact time and place.

The pick-up time will be at 06:00AM on the departure date. If there is any change in the itinerary you will be notified in advance.


Foreign people ATM’s cards from their own country (inclusive Visa, master cards) will not work by the ATM machines in Iran. You can bring the desired amount with you to Iran. The Airport and hotels are good places where you can exchange your currency.

Further information regarding the Alamut trip will be available on the “itinerary” tab on the designated tour.

You will pay the remainder of the cash during our briefing session or in our office.


Spring (March-May)

Summer (June-August)

Fall/Autumn (September-November)

Winter (December-February)


The “backpacking Alamut trek, Garmarud to Yuj” you will be picked up from Tehran and dropped off in Tehran or Tonekabon.

The “trekking from Alamut toward the Caspian and exploring coastal villages” the pickup will be from Tehran and drop off points will be back to Tehran or Tonekabon.

The” Valley of Assassins , trekking through Alborz to the Caspian sea, Masuleh and Rasht”. The pickup point will be from Tehran and the drop-off point will be back in Tehran or Rasht.

You can keep your suitcase in the hotel where you are staying at. They have luggage storage where you can keep your none essential items like suitcase.

Visa will be granted by the Iranian Embassy for 30 days which can be extended to a maximum duration of 90 days.

Kindly look at the hyperlink for a list of Iranian embassy/consulate closest where you reside.  Kindly bear in mind that once you decide upon the location of the pickup of your Iranian Visa stamp. This location cannot be changed.

Adventure Iran accepts ONLY USD and EURO’s.