Mount Damavand Trekking Tour

Gear for Iran Mountaineering Tours

(what to bring list)

Official Papers
•    Valid passport
•    Copy of first page of passport
•    Airline tickets
•    2 extra passport photos
•    Over night back pack – extra-large
•    Daypack to carry camera, water bottles, extra clothing
•    Luggage tags and locks
Camping Gear
•    Sleeping bag and stuff sack, rated to -5° for summer and  -20° other season (REQUIRED)
•    Fleece sleeping bag liner
•    Inflatable sleeping pad
•    Expedition jacket with hood, waterproof and breathable
•    Expedition /Rain pants (side zippers are convenient)
•    Insulated parka/ski jacket, down or synthetic filled (REQUIRED)
•    Expedition fleece or wool sweater
•    Fleece pants or tights (see ‘optional’)
•    Mid-weight thermal underwear tops and bottom, synthetic or wool
•    Expedition-weight thermal tops/bottoms
•    Hiking pants/skirt
•    Hiking shorts – men (Spring and Summer treks)
•    Long-sleeve shirts
•    T-shirts, synthetic are best
•    Underwear

Clothing Accessories
•    Sun hat
•    Wool or fleece hat (over ears)
•    Bandana
•    Wool or fleece gloves
•    Thin liner gloves
•    Gaiters
•    Mountaineering boots, sturdy, ankle support, water-resistant, well broken in
•    Camp shoes: trail shoes or running shoes
City Clothing
•    Bring a few lightweight, easily washable items for travel and daily wear
•    Comfortable shoes
Travel Accessories
•    Reliable flashlight or headlamp (lithium batteries are best for cold weather)
•    Pocket knife or pocket tool
•    Ear plugs
•    Small quantity of favorite energy snacks
•    Water treatment tablets or drops
•    Hiking staff or trekking poles
•    Small waterproof pack cover for daypack
•    Two 1-quart water bottles or hydration system and one 1-quart water bottle
•    Sunglasses with strap (side-shields or glacier glasses recommended)
•    Sun block and lip balm – SPF 30+
•    Personal hygiene supplies including biodegradable soap
•    Small quick-dry towel
•    Personal first aid kit / medicines
•    Hand sanitizer gel or hand wipes
•    Several Ziploc plastic bags
•    Large, heavy duty plastic trash bags (2)
•    Spare contact lenses or glasses
•    Trowel and roll of toilet paper in plastic bag

Optional Field Gear
•    Camera, film/memory cards, spare batteries
•    Battery charging station for cameras or personal electronics
•    Solar charger for batteries
•    Down or synthetic-filled pants (On fall treks these are a very wise addition)
•    Down booties (For fall treks around camp at night)
•    Knee supports
•    Games, playing cards, etc.
•    Reading and writing materials