Iran Active Tour Operator

General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why should I travel with Adventure Iran?
We are passionate adventure travelers ourselves. We’ve spent our lives roaming the country and other parts of the globe in search of interesting trips and memorable experiences. Now we would like to show you our part of the world in a way different than offered by any one else.
Adventure Iran trips are built for small groups, with a maximum of 14 travelers on each trip. By traveling in small groups we leave minimal ecological impact, cause little disruption to the native life and are able to gain a better appreciation for our surroundings. Small numbers also allow greater flexibility and spontaneity: a dinner in a local home, an impromptu visit to a village wedding or a visit to a rural school can be among the most memorable experiences of your journey.


Can we travel with our children?
Depending on which trip you would like to book! Our active trips were designed with adults in mind. Older teenagers from around the age of 15 are certainly welcome to accompany their parents under their supervision. It is up to their parents’ judgment to decide whether they can handle the trip. But some of our trip like soft adventure trips suitable for the families that would like to travel with children.


What about supplies and equipment?
Each trip is unique, and for an exact breakdown of what is and isn’t included you should consult the specific trip itineraries. However, generally included on all trips are the following: all accommodation depend on the itinerary a twin shared basis, guest house or local homestay and most meals, tents and other camp related equipment, internal travel and veteran guides equipped with first aid.


Can I rent ski equipment?
Yes. Regular ski gear and boots are rentable and the equipment might not be up to the standards of Gstaad or Chamonix. How ever this is for regular ski equipment only. Randonee, Telemark or any other specialized ski-mountaineering gear are not available. You have to bring your own.


Do you book international flights?
The short answer is No.
The reason for not booking flights is that we believe offering a tour without the flight gives you several advantages. You are able to look around for the best deals on offer, probably saving yourself a lot of money. Also you have far greater flexibility in deciding which airline you might prefer to book with, where you want to come from, or where you might want to stop off en-route. As well as these, many people join our tours when they are already in the country, removing the need for a flight altogether.


What kind of food should we expect to be served?
We pride ourselves on trying our best to provide good, organic, healthy and delicious local food. For our various trips we have made a concerted effort in providing local dishes served only in those parts of the country. Iranian cuisine is quite varied and in different regions you have very specific and seasonal dishes.

Do you cater to vegetarians?
Yes we do. On our forms we ask this question and plan accordingly. Please note this is for standard vegetarians and not vegans, since it is too difficult to cater by eliminating all dairy and other requirements of vegans.


Is Iranian food hot and spicy?
No, Iranian food is delicately flavoured with organic herbs and mild spices such as dill, tarragon, saffron and turmeric. Most Iranian people have a terrible time handling hot foods from places like India and Pakistan.


Do you handle custom itineraries?
If you have a special request for your group, we will be happy to tailor an itinerary to match your specifications. We require a minimum of 4 people to customize an itinerary. We will help you build it from the ground up at a price that’s a lot more affordable than you might think. Contact us with your detailed request, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please refer to Tailormade segment on the site.


What should women wear if they are trekking or biking in Iran?
Women should wear what they would ordinarily for trekking with the exception of shorts which are prohibited. It is recommended that women bring Manteau and buffs which can be worn around the neck and then pulled up over the head to cover hair should the need arise such as entering a village. In cities and towns a head scarf is mandatory.


Is it safe to drink the water from the tap? What are other options?
The water is quite drinkable and safe. High standards and full chlorination are used for Iranian municipal water systems. Like most places in the world these days a variety of plastic bottled mineral water is also available.

Where can I exchange money?
Similar to practically all international airports one can exchange money there, no matter what time; but only a certain number of bank branches have currency exchange windows. In addition there are specialized exchange houses available in most big cities. In Tehran these Casas de Cambios (as they are called all over Latin America) are quite numerous. We will assist in every way possible to make sure you can exchange currency easily and efficiently at current rates.

What about travel insurance?
Travel Insurance is mandatory for our trips. We recommend you research various options available from your country and make sure you are fully covered for travel and health insurance out of the country.

Do I get an airport transfer?
It depends on your itinerary. If your trip includes an airport pick up, you will be picked up accordingly.

I want to buy some souvenirs like carpets when I am on the tour. Can I carry them with me on the tour?
There are many great opportunities for buying exciting and valuable souvenirs on many of our tours. However, it is not always practical to carry large items around. Most places can arrange for items such as carpets to be shipped home at relatively low costs and this is usually a better and safer policy.