(Artistic excursion)

Honargardi is a group project and a platform for cultivating pure artistic ideas. Its goal is to support artists and also cultural and artistic events. This group always wants to accompany and collaborate with other art lovers and believes that art is the only human element of our time.

Honargardi has an online magazine and a forum for new talents, which pursues the following goals:

  • Informing and covering art events with an emphasis on the visual arts
  • Introducing artists, especially new talents
  • Presenting cultural-artistic news, articles and critiques
  • Facilitate communication between members of the art community at home and abroad
  • Creating a dynamic space for artists and art lovers to interact
  • Holding artistic calls
  • Platform for online sale

Besides, Honargardi holds art tours to present Tehran art scene like it has never been seen! With group and VIP tours which visits the selected galleries according to their exhibitions and timetable. This gives an opportunity to be familiar with Iran’s contemporary art and see in person the artists.