Yasaman’s Profile

Adventure Iran Team
Yasaman is another key member of our office. Her degree is in Business Management. From the beginning of her working career, she has had a keen interest in working in the travel industry. So from early in her working career she entered this field and has years of experience working and learning about different aspects of this field. She has worked for travel agents as well as tour operators and her knowledge and experience in the travel agency field has been greatly beneficial for our operation. She has a thorough knowledge of internal hotel industry and how to deal with them (which is not straightforward), all contractual details for sub-contractors, Flight details and working with numerous airlines, visa acquisition paperwork and dealing with government officials, acquiring all necessary permits and permissions and dealing with all sorts of reservations for our complex tours which contain unusual requirements and dealing with enormous number of people across the country with our crazy and non-standard demands for unusual accommodations and food requirements; make her job extremely difficult and challenging. This job requires patience, calmness and a knack for dealing with all sorts of people in society and a cheerful attitude under pressure. She is also well schooled in all the modern specialized software packages and this combination of technical and social skills and her willingness to be a team player and her enthusiasm for her work, makes her a delight to be around and a valuable member of our back office staff.