Reza Zarechian’s Profile

Adventure Iran Team
Reza was born and raised in Tehran. At a young age, he joined an art school to pursue his interest in design and work in a creative field. After completing high school, he travelled through Iran to learn more about the culture and history of his motherland, as well as traveling as a solo traveler to the Southeast of Asia. after years of traveling in Iran and other countries he has learned more about other cultures and civilizations. He believes that the best art as an Iranian is to introduce his country to other travelers who are interested in learning and traveling to special places in Iran open to only a few. Likewise, he joined the tour guide training program under the supervision of Ministry of Tourism to deepen his knowledge and skills and compare his abilities with some of his colleagues. He passed the exams and received a Grade-A tour guide license. In addition to his guiding duties, he has done sculpture and jewelry design and during his career, he has completed 2 national projects for the new Iranian parliament and also received national and international awards for jewelry design and making. He joined Adventure Iran as a tour operations supervisor in 2009 to share his experience and management skills with his other colleagues. His goal as the person in charge of the overall performance and high quality control of all our tours, is to maintain exceptional standards and high performance throughout the entire range of the company’s tours.