Peyman’s Profile

Adventure Iran Team
He is an industrial engineer and born in north of Tehran in the foothills of Touchal mountain, the highest peak north of Tehran. From childhood this fascinating area was his playground as he took numerous treks and climbing trips into his familiar mountains. He has also been a professional basketball player in his youth. He has had different positions in medium and large companies as head of marketing and strategic management for the last 25 years. He has traveled to numerous locations in Iran as a serious photographer and documentary film maker and has produced several documentary films from them. A few examples are one about a little known town in the middle of desert and how fascinating, strange and difficult the lives of the people is. Next is about an important film maker and his life and another about a famous lady painter and her interesting life. Peyman loves adventure traveling and the opportunity to introduce his country to the world, he was one of the first persons to join adventure Iran and during the last 12 years despite his other responsibilities has put in a lot of his personal time and energy in order to help and improve the company in different departments like marketing, financial management, planning and development. He is now fully in charge of internal management of the company and is a member of the board of directors.