Asma’s Profile

Adventure Iran Team
“We all need a reason to wake up. For me it is working as a graphic designer. I hunger to broaden my knowledge and turn information into action which I believe it contributes to prosperity. I believe patience, collaboration and diligence in the workplace are keys to success”.  These words from Asma nicely summarize who she is and what is important in her professional life. She studied visual communication, and has been working as a graphic designer for more than six years. She has done wonders in our graphic and web design department. She is industrious and extremely focused on her work. She has a variety of hobbies and other interests: learning new languages, bird watching and on top of that, she is a devoted gardener. She has a keen interest in music and playing instruments. She has been playing the “Setar”, a traditional Persian stringed instrument for many years. From childhood she has had a desire to travel to far off places to discover new lands, cultures and people. It has always been her dream and by entering the travel industry as a graphic designer, she has now the opportunity to fulfill her childhood wishes.