About Us

Why Adventure Iran    Several of the founders of Adventure Iran have had years of experience in the field of Adventure Travel (AT) in the South East Asia, the United States and the UK. After their return to Iran and their assessment of the local AT industry, it was quite apparent that this field had not been developed properly and the local practitioners were quite unaware of the standards and modes of operation suitable for modern day International [...]

Adventure Iran's Commitment to Responsible Tourism     Responsible tourism is part and parcel of our belief system at Adventure Iran. This is not an empty slogan and we do not claim to perform amazing feats like preserving the biodiversity of the planet, replanting all clear-cut forests etc; but we do take positive actions in order to minimize the negative impacts of tourism and maximize its positive impacts. With each of our tours we look for different local [...]

Adventure Iran is proud of working with experienced tour guides who have enough experience and knowledge about travel industry and adventure. Adventure Iran also tries to use the expertise of indigenous people where possible knowing that no tour leader is better than the locals and to help promote local economy. We check our tour guides and local people working with us regularly to ensure that our guests receive the best possible service. Our tour guides motto is “good [...]

Ground Handeling in Iran

Ground handling in Iran Our 10 years of experience in handling adventure tours in Iran along with being international enables us to cooperate with adventure travel agencies smoothly and effeciently. With a lot of efforts expended, many years of trial and error and accumulated experience, we claim that our ground handling work, as well as our tour guides and drivers are among the best all over Iran. Our guides and drivers are one of our greatest assets. It [...]

Adventure Iran UK Office   Regadring to the British travellers who would like to travel to Iran, all of the clients can book their tour through Adventure Iran london office easly. As the visa for UK passport holder regulation still diffrentwith other nations we highly recomend you to read the rule and regulation of the visa before travel. For more information please have a look to the following link: http://www.adventureiran.com/your-adventure-iran-trip/us-uk-canada-passport-holders-adventure-iran-tours.html Regrading to the above information if you are [...]