Iranian Kabab

Food and Drinks

Standards of food hygiene are mostly satisfactory in all categories of eating-houses. In general t ‎Iranian cooking is organic, healthy and nutritious, and you shouldn’t have much problem in ‎keeping to a balanced diet. However, the national dish is rice prepared in several special ways and ‎served in vast helpings with almost every main dish, and very few of the main dishes would be ‎considered complete without it. Iranian rice from the rainy plains of Mazandaran and Gilan is ‎considered by many – not only Iranians – to be one of the world’s best rice.‎
One does not come to Iran for its famous wines or its outstanding brandy. The Islamic laws are ‎prevalent and the consumption of Alcoholic beverages are banned. Consumption of these could ‎get one into trouble. Not recommended.  All sorts of soft drinks and the national beverage which ‎is brewed black Tea are readily available.‎

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