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Dress Code of Iran

The dress code of Iran, has always been the topic of many conversations throughout the years. The most ‎common uniform consists of a headscarf (roo-sari) to conceal the head and neck, a formless, ‎knee-length coat known as a Manto (roo-poosh) and a long dress or pair of pants.
The dress code can be daunting during your preparation, but roo-saris, roo-pooshes can be ‎bought cheaply in Iran. Watch or ask friendly Iranian women for guidance and marvel at how ‎young women are pushing the boundaries of modesty with colorful headscarves that cover only a ‎fraction of their hair and figure-hugging roo-pooshes that reveal every curve of their bodies.
Adventure Iran is a prime example of what to wear and how to dress in Iran among the operators working in Iran. we have done a variety of tours with different activities which you can see in our Photo and Video galleries.

Iran Nomadic Tours
Iran Nomadic Tours

Dress code

Dress Code for Men in Iran
Shorts, T-shirts and ties are not worn in public. In private quite different though. It really depends on the destination and purpose of your trip. When dealing with government agencies, schools, embassies, and the like, obeying the rules is highly recommended.

  • Long trousers (no shorts!)
  • Avoid extreme short sleeve

Dress Code for Women in Iran
Head and hair must be covered. Wear long and loose pants and shirts (avoid leggings). There are some minimum requirements for female traveler’s dress-code in public places.

  • Head: Although hair must be covered. You can also use hats & caps together with a scarf.
  • Color: There is no limitation to colors, we recommend light colors for summer.
  • Body: Body and arms should be covered by long and loose-fitting clothes, including an overcoat or for summer a long shirt.
  • Legs & feet: Legs should be covered down to the ankles. Sandals are no problem.

Note: In winter, apart from covering your head you can dress exactly as you would do in your home country.
It is best to enter Iran with a scarf and a coat, or in summer – a long shirt.
On some international flights to Iran, you need to respect the dress code rule as soon as the plane enters Iranian air space. Ask the flight attendants or watch what other people on the flight are doing.

Below are a few numbers of our clients who are in the field doing different activities and you can have a better understanding of their clothes in Iran.


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