money currency Iran Rial

Money and its carriage

Iran is still a cash economy, so bring enough hard currency for the duration of your stay. US dollars and euros are the most useful, and new and large (USD 100 or EUR 100 or higher) bills in good condition are preferred and usually get a better rate. Iran’s banking system is not connected to any other system in the world, so If you don’t have an Iranian credit card you can’t use your credit card in the country. Carrying cash is the simplest and best way for travelling in Iran.

ATMs exist in most cities, and there are point-of-sale devices in some larger stores, but only local bank cards are accepted.

Bank Tejarat is now providing a debit card service for foreign tourists traveling to Iran. Using this service, you can buy a prepaid debit card with foreign currency which can be used on the domestic ATM and point-of-sale network for withdrawing rials. If they support the service, you can apply for this service at some travel agencies or by visiting the special Tejarat Bank kiosk in Tehran’s Mehrabad international airport. Before your departure, the remaining credit on the card can be changed back to foreign currency.

Up to 10,000.-USD or its equivalent can be entered into the country. Amounts exceeding 10,000.-USD must be declared on arrival.