Trip Highlights

  • Possibly the best trekking option outside Tehran in a non-touristic area of Central Alborz Mountains
  • Ascend Mt. Koloon Bastak with 4156 meters altitude for Mt Damavand acclimatization
  • Visit untouched villages in central Alborz 
  • Eat local organic dairy
  • Climb Damavnd Mountain (5610m) the Asia’s highest volcano  
  • Observe wild life and a frozen waterfall
  • A rejuvenating mineral bath after a memorable climb in Larijan mineral hot spring spa
  • Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights
  • Trip Code: 027-STN-MNT
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Activities: Trekking, Mountaineering,
  • Regions: Damavand Peak, Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Start From: Tehran Province, Iran
  • End: Tehran Province, Iran
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  • Service Level: Standard
  • Group Size: ( 2 - 15 )
  • Tour Type: Group Tour
  • Price: € 433
  • Single Supplement: N/A

Important info about the acclimatization:

The altitude of Damavand Mountain is 5610m which can be quite challenging. To climb it one should be in good fitness level, benefit from quality equipment and also experienced guides. Although these elements are crucial but not enough. The most important consideration for a successful ascend is acclimatization. Our many years of experience obliges us to carefully consider this factor and make sure that climbers will have a successful, safe and enjoyable time while ascending to the summit.
Most travelers planning to go to the summit, come from cities and areas under 1000m altitude while the 3rd camp’s altitude is 4250m from the sea level, consequently many climbers experience difficulties such as  headache or altitude sickness when climbing directly to the 3rd camp (Bargah-e Sevom). To avoid this problem we highly recommended you to have a one or two days short programs preparing yourself for a good ascend.
Our recommendation for a successful and effective Damavand tour is to sleep at a high altitude around 2000m to 3000m in the first day and climb higher around 4000m in the second day. This tour is a combination of Mount Kolon Bastak (as the pre-acclimatization point) & Damavand.

One hour driving outside Tehran will take you to the mountains over 4000m enabling you to have a good acclimatization program for Damavand. You will stay in a local home in a village (2000m) in Central Alborz Mountain getting ready for the high altitude. This attitude will prepare you physically and mentally for climbing.
The day after we will drive-up to 3300m by car to another village to start ascending to the peak. On the trekking route many of Central Alborz Mountains are visible. The summit will give you a good view of the Shah Alborz, Tochal (3960 m) and Seechal in the south; Damavand, Kholeno area, Sarakchal (4210m), Abak... in the east; Naz, Kahar, Takht-e-Soleiman massif in the west and the middle part of central Alborz ridgelines with the impressive tip of the Azadkuh (4400m) outstanding in the north. We will have a good view of Dizin, Shemshak and Darband Sar ski resorts as well.
The next day we will drive to Damavand base camp and from there we will go by 4x4 towards the second camp. We start ascending toward the 3rd camp “Bargah Seveom”. The next day is acclimatization day and we will hike up to 5000m and come back to our camp. We sleep early to be prepared for the summit day. This day is the hardest and longest day. After ascending to the top we will come back to our camp. The last day is descending to the base camp and from there we will go to Larijan hot spring spa before driving back to Tehran.
In this itinerary you will have plenty of time to relax, mix with locals in the spectacular scenery and an opportunity to photograph the majestic volcano from vintage point. Once on the pick you will experience the highest point of the Iranian plateau and the Middle East.

Services Included Meal Abbreviations (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
Meals 5B 5 L 5 D
Accommodation 2 nights local home stay in villages in central Alborz mountain, 3 nights camp/Shelter in Mt Damavand
Transport All transport including: private vehicle from IKIA airport or transfer from Tehran to a village in Central Alborz Mountain, transfer from village to Koolon Bastak base camp and return, transfer from village to Rineh (first camp of Mt Damavand), 4WD car from base camp to second camp and return, mules for backpacks (limited to 15kg per person), transfer from Rineh to Larijan hot spring spa, transfer from Larijan to Tehran
Other Services English spoken mountain guide. All guides have extensive knowledge about trekking, climbing and safety equipment, climbing permit for Damavand, Mules / horses support (limited by 15kg per person). Provided gear: eating utensils, tents and camping equipment, sleeping bags, mattress, pillows, duffel bag for non-trek items left at our office.
Not Included

Items of personal nature, travel insurance

Day 1: Drive towards central Alboz Mountain
Drive to the heart of Central Alborz Mountain staying in the village.
Day 2: Ascending Mount Kolon Bastak
Drive to the base camp of the Mt Koloon Bastak and back to the village.
Day 3: Drive from Tehran to Base camp & climbing to 3rd camp
In the early morning (around 6 A.M), we will drive from the village to Rineh village (base camp) which will take about 2 hours. Hike up to the 3rd camp.
Day 4: Acclimatization Day
This day is spent getting used to the high altitude, but we will not go to the summit. We will hike from the shelter to a frozen waterfall which is at about 5000 meters and return.
Day 5: Hike to summit (5671m), then return to Bargah-e Sevom (3rd camp)
We will start climbing from 4200m to the top 5671m. This day will be the hardest day since we will push for the summit which usually takes about 6 to 7 hours.
Day 6: Descend the mountain and drive back to Tehran
Descending to second camp (Goosfand Sara). This morning total descending time would be approx 4-5 hours, 1250m. Back to Tehran


Damavand with 5610 (according to the latest estimations) meters elevation is the highest mountain in Iran and western Asia. It is also the highest volcanic cone-shaped peak in Asia. Its volcanic activity has been in the geological past and there is no human historical record of any known activity, so it is considered as a non active former volcano. As a former volcano it is endowed with many natural gifts due to its past. Hot and cold springs abound on her slopes and the surrounding land. There are sizable areas on its slopes that are covered with sulfur and still active enough to give off that special sulfur odor. There are relatively large glaciers, frozen waterfalls, gas and steam wells. Because of many deep valleys and high slopes surrounding it, the region harbors a great variety of vegetation and wildlife. There are great vistas where one can take in some quiet moments and gaze at the beautiful panoramas, while standing in the heart of this remarkable mountain.

It is located in the Central Alborz Mountain chain and has at least 16 recognized routes for ascending to its peak. There is a long and colourful history of numerous ascends. Some have become quite mythical in their colourful accounts, courageous deeds and tragic ends. The mountain itself is the subject of many mythical and folkloric tales. One can also add the existence of a number of historic sites to the special attraction of Damavand. In the spring the slopes are covered by green pastures and wild flowers. From the peak one can see quite some distance. To the north are the waters of the Caspian Sea, to the west there is the waters of Lar reservoir and the sprawling city of Tehran. To the south one can gaze into the vastness of the desert which is called Dashte Kavir. A truly remarkable and memorable climb on a unique mountain.

Please inform us ahead if you are vegetarian or you have any special dietary requirements.
We advise you to arrange your departure date to Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Weekends in Iran are Thursdays and Fridays. The road to Damavand south face will be crowded with drivers or local mountain climbers during this time.
If for any reason, such as weather conditions or unexpected health problems of participants further stay is inevitable, extra costs would be chargeable.

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Aug 24, 2019- Aug 29, 2019


Price: 433

Single Supplement: N/A

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