Trip Highlights

  • Two and a half day trekking around 70 km in the desert
  • An epic passage through Iran's Central Desert following part of the historic Silk Road
  • Half day cycling through villages
  • Visit Anarak town
  • Explore elegant historic villages such as Kharanagh, Mesr, Farahzad and Garmeh
  • Passing many quintessential oases on the trek
  • Taste local cuisine
  • Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Trip Code: 061-STN-TRK
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Activities: Trekking, Desert Adventures,
  • Regions: Farahzad, Isfahan Province, Iran
  • Start From: Esfahan or Yazd
  • End: Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran
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  • Service Level: Standard
  • Group Size: ( 5 - 15 )
  • Tour Type: Group Tour
  • Price: € 294
  • Single Supplement: N/A

This tour has been designed for people who would like to have a special desert trekking in the remote non-touristic areas of Iran Central desert. The journey will start from Esfahan off the beaten track and will end in Yazd. There is an option to join us on the way from Yazd in the first day of trip. In this package we visit some remote oases disconnecting you from modern life and civilization. First day you will have a full day excursion to explore the attractions on the way from Esfahan to desert. During these 4 days we will have desert trekking, will stay one night in a guest house and two nights in camp. You will also visit villages and small towns such as: Mesr, Farahzad, Qehi, Kuhpayeh, Anarak and Nain. We will try to cover most of these villages according to the season and daylight. We will trek for 3 days covering approximately 70 km in a variety of terrains including oasis, mountain slopes, heavily weathered rock formations, sand dunes, salt dunes and other large scale crystalline formations. This combination of desert trekking, local cuisine and open air desert camps combine to create an epic and unforgettable atmosphere that will help one imagine ancient travellers with their caravans of merchandise crossing the desert on the Silk Road.

Note: Travelers wishing to join us from Yazd will be picked up by a taxi joining us on the way. (€40 charge which is not included in the package price).


Meals 3 B 3 L 3 D
Accommodation One night a traditional guest house, 2 nights tent camping
Transport Approximately 1000 km driving. Private vehicle from Esfahan to an oasis in the desert, backpack handling during the trek, private vehicle from the oasis to Yazd
Other Services

English speaking desert guide, Drinking water, Backpack handling by 4WD or Mules/Horse (limited by 15kg per person)

Provided Gear: Eating utensils, tents and camping equipment, sleeping bags, mattress, pillows

Not Included Items of personal nature, travel insurance

Day 1: Exploring Kuhpaye, Qehi, Naiin & Anarak on the way to Central Desert
Desert journey will start from Esfahan at 8 AM driving around 450 km taking around 9-10 hours. We will visit Kuhpayeh historic town first to see an old caravanserai and one of the oldest mosques of Iran. Then we will drive to historic village of Qehi to visit the remains of an old castle in a picturesque location. We will also spend some time roaming in the village. The houses, mosque and its underground water “Qanat“ are the highlights of the village. After we will drive toward the desert and en route we will visit Naiin and Anarak. In Naiin we will visit its historic mosque, anthropology museum and Narin castle. Following Naiin we will leave for Anarak which is located at the starting point of Iran central desert. In Anarak there is a special viewpoint from a tower to see the whole town. We will hike up to the tower for photography and watching the town. We have picnic lunch for this day. In the late afternoon we will proceed to the desert and will arrive to our guest house in the evening. We will check in and prepare to have a traditional dinner. The night time would be a great opportunity to watch the stars of the desert. We will spend the night in the guest house to experience the Iranian hospitality. (L, D)

Day 2: The Sand dune & Mountain Formations - {Camp}
Early morning rise up. After breakfast we will start trekking for about 25-35 km’s depending on the group fitness and weather conditions. On the trekking route we will stop every now and then to rest and take photographs from spectacular and amazing sand dunes. We will continue walking until late afternoon. Finding a suitable place for camping and after a short rest; we would leave to watch the sunset. Then we will make fire spending some time around it. We will have dinner in our camp enjoying the beauty of desert sky. Overnight stay in tent. (B, L, D).

Day 3: Trekking day - {Camp }
We will wake up at the crack of dawn (optional), walking for a while to watch the sunrise view of the desert and will walk back to our camp for breakfast. After breakfast, there will be another hiking. We will pass beautiful different landscapes exploring more spots. We will be back in the late afternoon to our camps for dinner. Overnight stay in camp. (B, L, D)

Day 4: Continue trekking towards the oasis- Drive to Yazd through the spots 
After breakfast we collect our camps and continue our journey. Today we are going to have half day walking. In the noon time we have lunch and then our vehicle will pick you up and drive to Yazd. We will be there around late afternoon. (B, L)


Alfons Gabriel (1894 – 1976) was an Austrian geographer and travel writer who made several trips to the deserts of Iran, during 1927-8, 1933, and 1937. Gabriel wrote five books about his trips and findings. His book Durch Persiens Wüsten (1935) is translated into Persian. On his second trip to Iran in 1933 he crossed Dasht-e Kavir (central desert of Iran) and discovered the flagstones road belonged to the times of Shah Abbas, the Safavid King. He made the third trip to Iran in 1937 and crossed the southern part of Dasht-e Lut. There is not many pictures left from Gabriel but it is said that one them taken with his wife in front of their tent belongs to the Aroosan village (can be found on our website) in the Central Desert of Iran. Gabriel has said lots of beautiful things about this village in his books.

This trekking route is the same route taken by the frontier Alfons Gabriel who set the way for us to follow his path.

  • Deviating from this itinerary is unpreventable sometimes due to weather conditions, seasonal changes, frequency of visits to a village or for any other factor which may influence our travel times and schedules. Furthermore, this is the tight itinerary and sometimes we must skip a place or two depending on the season. During the winter an autumn season’s sun light will be scares; this will affect the number of places you will be able to explore during the day.
  • During the spring time (from Mid-March to end of May) we might experience rain and wind in the desert so you should be prepared for occasional rains and winds.



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