Trip Highlights

Experince three different weather condition and terrain of Alborz mountains, the Caspian Sea and Maranjab desert

Boating in Alzali lagoon and walking through the tea plantation

Crossing Alborz Mountians towards the Caspian Sea

Visiting the fabled ruins of  the Alamut historic castle “Eagle Nest”

3 days trekking through spectacular mountain scenery

Crossing 2 vast valleys called Alamut and the valley of Sehazar

Camping in the desert area of Maranjaab

Visiting the great salt lake and old caravanserai

Visiting Kashan, with its distinct architecture and setting

  • Duration: 11 Days / 10 Nights
  • Trip Code: 171-STN-TRK
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Activities: Trekking, Cultural-Historical, Multi Activity,
  • Regions: Kashan, Esfahan, Iran
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  • Service Level: Standard
  • Group Size: ( 6 - 16 )
  • Tour Type: Group Tour
  • Price: € 679
  • Single Supplement: €135

This is one the special tour package of Adventure Iran as its combination of few difrent climate and weather temparture of mountain, Sea and desert.  We can perform this tour only on beginning of Alborz mountain season (Alamut) and the end of central desert season(Dasht-e Kavir).

The tour is a combination of the four following different aspects of attraction and activities.:

  • Mountain trekking
  • Caspian Sea villages exploration
  • Desert trekking and camping,
  • Cultural/ historical exploring

During this tour you will experience three diverse climate, altitute and weather :

  • West Alborz mountain (3000 m)
  • Caspiran see (- 40 m under sealevel)
  • Central desert of Iran – Dashte-e Kavir (800 m).

Also you will face veriaty of temperature from hot temperature in the desert to cold temperature of the mountain.

This tour will start from the Capital and end in the Capital as well. We will start the journey by driving to Alamut valley. We have three days hiking through the Alamut valley and the Castle of the Assassins toward the Casian sea in west Alborz mountains.

In the next part of the trip we will very tight exploration and we have to visit many attractions of Iran in the Caspian Sea region. We will come acroos via costal road and you will visit plenty of attraction. Gilan Rural Heritage Museum (Legacy of Old Houses) to get the feeling of tradition, history of people and their customs. Lahijan is well known for its high quality tea so we will visit some tea farms and tea production factory. We will visit Masuleh historical village which is surrounded by forest from valley to mountain and fog is the predominate weather feature. At the end we will have boating in Anzali lagoon and also we have hiking in Rudkhan historical castle which is a medieval brick and stone castle built on two tips of a mountain.

In the third part after Caspian Sea, we will drive towords Maranjab desert which located in western part of Dashte- Kavir. You have trekking and one night camping in the desert.

In the fourt part you will have a culture and history excursion by visiting Abyaneh historical village and the ancient city of Kashan and back to Tehran (IKA Airport) to fly back home.


Services Included

Meal Abbreviations (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)


10 B

8 L



2 nights hotel in Tehran 1 night local house in the Alamut, 1 night camping/ simple local house in mountain, 3 nights local house in the Caspian Sea , 1 night hotel in Qazvin, 1 night camping in the desert, 1 night traditional house in Kashan


All transportation, backpack handling during the trek (up to 15 Kg)

Other Services

English spoken mountain guide.

Backpack handling by 4WD cars or Mules/Horse (limited by 15kg per person)

Provided Gear: Eating utensils, tents and camping equipment, sleeping bags, mattress, pillows, duffel bag  for non-trek items

Not Included

Items of personal nature, travel insurance

Day 1: Arrival in Tehran & check in

Day 2: Tehran city tour

Day 3: Tehran to Alamut Valley

Day 4: Pichebon

Day 5: Salajanbar, Maran, Yuj and the Caspian sea

Day 6: Exploring the Caspian Sea

 Day 7: Anzali lagoon boating and Masuleh historic village


Day 8: Hiking in Rudkhan Castle- back to Tehran

Day 9: Maranjaab desert trekking

Day 10: Abyaneh village- Drive to Kashan

Day 11: Kashan City tour – Deaprture



Alamut is a region situated on the western edge of the Alborz Mountains (northeast of Qazvin province) between the dry and barren plains of Qazvin in the south and densely forested slopes of Mazandaran in the north.

Historically, the mountains of this area were ideal for construction of castles because of its natural heights that could be used as a section of the defensive structure of the castles. The nature of this area is covered by hills, curvatures, forms, scars and wrinkles. Two big citadels of the Ismailis (a branch of Shia Muslims whose adherents are also known as Seveners), Lambsar and Alamut castles are in this area. Hassan-e Sabbah (1050-1124) and his Hashshashin controlled the area for many years.  

Hassan-e Sabbāh was an Ismaili missionary who converted a community in the late 11th century in the heart of the Alborz Mountains, later he seized a mountain fortress called Alamut and used it as the headquarters for a decentralized Persian insurrection against the dominant Seljuk Turks. He formed a group of fadaiyan (those who sacrifice themselves) whose members are often referred to as the Hashshashin or "Assassins" in the western literature.





  • Deviating from this itinerary is unpreventable sometimes due to weather conditions, seasonal changes, frequency of visits to a village or for any other factor which may influence our travel times and schedules. Furthermore, this is the tight itinerary and sometimes we must skip a place or two depending on the season.
  • After November, until March the road from Garmarud to the Caspian Sea is covered with snow so the tour is performed via a second route. For more information please get in touch.
Aug 14, 2019- Aug 24, 2019


Price: 679

Single Supplement: N/A

Oct 15, 2019- Oct 25, 2019


Price: 679

Single Supplement: N/A

Nov 16, 2019- Nov 26, 2019


Price: 799

Single Supplement: N/A

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Aug 14, 2019 Aug 24, 2019 679 N/A Full Book
Oct 15, 2019 Oct 25, 2019 679 N/A Available Book
Nov 16, 2019 Nov 26, 2019 799 N/A Available Book
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