What is visa reference number/code, visa stamp, visa insurance?

Visa reference number:

Visa reference number, visa code, visa authorization or visa invitation are all the same. An Iranian authorized travel and tour company should apply for your visa reference number, in order to do this you need to fill in the related form on our website and provide us with your passport details. Once we receive the information we apply online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to get your visa authorization number. On approval this number will be faxed to us and the Iranian embassy you nominated in the form. We will then email you the Visa Reference Number (authorization number) and you can pick up your visa in the embassy/consulate. The normal processing time by the MFA is 10-14 working days but may be longer for ABC passport holders (American, British and Canadian). The number given is just an "authorization code" meaning that your visa has been approved by the MFA but is not the visa itself. You should go to the Iranian embassy/consulate mentioned before in your form with our email and they will issue your visa. The embassies might need some documents and there is a charge for the stamp. The price may vary according to your nationality.

Visa stamp and visa insurance:

The visa stamp and visa insurance is generated by the Iranian embassy in your country or in the nominated Iranian Airports. Charges will apply. Kindly have a look at the Iranian embassy website closest to you for the exact amount.

Please note:

  1. When you apply for visa reference number through an Iranian travel agency you should mention the location of an Iranian consulate/embassy to collect your visa. There is also an option to mention the name of the Iranian airport for visa on arrival. The visa authorization number is valid only in the location you have mentioned for your visa to be issued in.
  2. It is vital that you provide the exact information from your passport and leave nothing blank when filling out the visa application form.
  3. If you wish to book a tour with Adventure Iran and you would like to get the visa reference number please click here