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Iran Country Profile

 DVD / CD :   Complete Guide to Iran Encyclopedic Coverage,  Country Profile, History,  American Government Information  (DOD, State Dept., White House), CIA Factbook




 CD: The Rough Guide To The Music Of Iran (Import)
By: Various Artists

Category:  Music  »  Middle Eastern Music   »  Iranian
Format: CD 

Release Date: June 27, 2006


Middle East

 DVD: Middle East (2 discs, 3 shows)

Known as the "cradle of civilisation", the Middle East is the meeting point between Africa, Europe and Asia, and contains some of the most beautiful and mystical scenery in the world. Unfortunately, due to cultural and political complexities, only a handful of visitors get to experience the genuine hospitality of the people and see the region's stunning ancient cities.
Join regular Globe Trekkers Justine Shapiro, Ian Wright and Megan McCormick on a historical whistle stop tour of the Middle East. Follow them discovering the major historic sites that have shaped its empires, religions and conflicts.



 Book: Iran (Lonely Planet) (Paperback)

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 Book: Black on Black: Iranian Travel Journals (Lonely Planet Journeys) (Paperback)

Product Description
The West and Iran have one thing in common; distrust perpetuated by stereotypes. Travel writer Ana Briongos has been visiting Iran for over 30 years and here she dismantles such prejudices to present an in-depth portrait of a country often heard about, but rarely understood.