Money and Currency

Adventure Iran accepts US $ and Euro’s.

Iranian Currency, banknotes and coins.

Iran’s official currency is still Rial or IRR, but you must know that all Iranians will tell you the price in Toman and NOT in Rials..You better pronounce it “Toman” as this is Tehrani slang word. (1 Toman = 10 Rials)
The bank notes are

10,000 Toman (100,000Rials) in green
2,000 Toman is in blue and 1,000 Toman is in light green and dark blue.

 5,000 Toman is in creamy yellowish. Be careful! Even some Iranians  make mistake when in rush since 5000 & 500 Toman notes are sometimes (!) nearly the same color and look .
There are NO bank notes over 10.000 Toman but there is another kind of cash named ’Chequepool” or Irancheque of 500,000 & 1000,000 Rials widely common everywhere.


 Current coins: Small coins in yellow colour amounting 1000 Rials. Bigger ones in silver colour equal to 2000 Rials and another one also in silver amounting 5000 Rials. Old coins of 500 and 250 Rials are still in people’s hands. There are still valid bank notes of 500 Rials in full grey color, 1000 Rials in reddish brown and 2000 Rials but they are disappearing gradually!