Adventure Iran Events


Since 2016 Adventure Iran started to perform annually event. Below are events we perform once a year and you can joint us.


  • UTMD (Ultra Trail Mt. Damavand)

The first event is Ultra Trail Mount Damavand which is started 2017. Its 100 km marathon around Mt Damavand and Lar national park perform in June. For more information, please follow to the following web site:


  • Iran Coast to Coast

The second event is Iranian coast to coast by Bicycle. Where in one country can you cycle from unspoilt beaches with palm trees, wooden ocean-going vessels to 28 metres below sea level; cycling across deserts, forests, mountain passes at 2,850 metres, passing snow capped mountains (5,610 Mt. Damavand), through 8 of Iran’s provinces, crossing National Parks, visiting UNESCO Heritage sites like Shiraz, Persepolis, Esfahan, Kashan and Tehran.

We have performed many cycling trip in different Iran’s regions and we connected all of them from south of Iran all the way to north of Iran. Its 4 weeks’ journey. For more information, please contact us!


Both of the events stopped because of coronavirus and we will update you the event date after the pandemic situation when the Iranian border is reopened.