visa application process via Adventure Iran


If you plan to book a tour with Adventure Iran for the whole duration of your trip, tick  VISA INVITATION REQUEST box  in your booking form at the time of booking the tour. This will enable us to apply for your visa when your booking is confirmed. When we receive your booking you will receive a user name and password to log in to our website to complete the required information and/or upload further documents regarding your visa. 

Some notes before we apply for your visa:

  • Please click here to read visa information page before booking.
  • Make sure to complete all required fields marked with an asterisk (*) for yourself and felow travellers.
  • Make sure that provided information are accurate and correct.
  • Mention the pickup location of visa in booking form and bear in mind the location CANNOT be changed once you have submitted your application ( in an emeregency please contact us).

After you receive user name and password to login to our website:

Upload a readable scan of first page of your passport and  passport sized photo using your Dashboard panel (under 500 kb & jpg format is MANDATORY).
Please note that these documents must be uploaded to our website. We don't accept them by email.
You will receive your visa reference number by email within 10-14 working days after submitting the required information. The duration will be longer for ABC nationals (American, British and Canadians).
You will take the visa reference number to the embassy/consulate you have previously selected (from BOOKING form) to collect your visa.

Important note:
Bear in mind that charges will apply for visa stamp and visa insurance. For the exact amount and necessary documents please contact the Iranian embassy/consulate in your country. For more information on general documents needed, click here.
To find out about the processing time for your visa stamp and insurance please contact the embassy/consulate closest to you.