Adventure Iran Team


Adventure Iran Company, a team of well-trained and experienced personnel, started this company when Iran starts to became known as a trekking paradise.  The country is one of the gateways to the Iran Plateau and central Asia as well as one of the largest plateaus found in this region.  Since its inception in 2006, Adventure Iran Company has organized to operate verities of different kind of tours and activities.

Adventure Iran team creates a friendly and safe trekking environment, which made us a favorite among travelers who have used our services.  We see ourselves as cultural ambassadors who open avenues of understanding into the day-to-day lives of the Iranian people.

In fact, customers can’t resist the temptation to come back to this part of the world and take part in the services that we offer.  Because we enjoy a high level of customer satisfactory, as well as Adventure Iran is recognized as one of the leading trekking agencies in the country.

We are proud that not only do we provide quality services to the traveler, but also we contribute much to the local citizens as we generate awareness of local culture, customs and traditions and emphasize the importance of preserving the natural beauty of this region.

To that end, Adventure Iran team is committed to the preservation of the environment, desiring to safeguard the ecological balance that is found in this breathtaking paradise.  We also feel strongly that the local people and their culture are a treasure and we strive to promote understanding between the travelers and the residents of Iran.

Adventure Iran Company team offers a tremendous number of activities centered in Iran and the country is blessed by nature and provides us with a great opportunity to offer you to be explored and experienced.


The founders are 3 individuals who collectively have decided to create a specialized ‎Adventure Tour company focused on Iran due to their appropriate backgrounds and ‎experiences in this field.



Mr. Nader Jalinoos has spent over 20 years in the United States where he conducted and ‎managed numerous backpacking, mountaineering, mountain-bike and kayak tours ‎throughout North, Central and South America. He has had 3 solid years conducting and ‎leading adventure tours in the US and many years of individual and private adventure ‎travel throughout the North and South American continent.








The second partner Mr. Reza Zarei has been based in Iran and is a distinguished ‎mountaineer with outstanding accomplishments. He has had 4 successful summit climbs ‎on four 8000 meter peaks of Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu and Lhotse, plus numerous ‎other peaks in the 7000 meter range. He has 9 year experience as chief expedition leader ‎and organizer and 5 years as head instructor and director for the Iranian mountaineering ‎federation managing the entire youth development and training program for the best ‎upcoming young mountaineers.‎




Our last founder Mr. Mehrdad Mike Eskenasi is a computer engineer and business man by ‎background who has supervised and developed our web site and all our e-marketing ‎efforts. In his spare time he has been a leading mountaineer, rock climber, skier and ‎trekking guide in Iran and has a vast knowledge of people, places and hidden gems that is ‎knowledge hard won and little known outside of a select group inside the country.‎

These individuals decided that collectively they could create and offer a collection of ‎special trips that so far have been lacking in this part of the world and have the potential to ‎open up Iran to a larger audience who before had no idea that the country has such ‎variety of landscapes and fascinating journeys that combine physically challenging routes ‎with experiencing traditional ways of life still prevalent in the back country.‎

We are passionate about our work and excited to share our love for travel and the land ‎with like minded active people from all over the world. For us it is extremely rewarding to ‎share part of ourselves and our experiences with like minded adventure travelers who we ‎are certain will never forget these trips – experiences that will challenge them physically ‎and enrich their lives. ‎

We believe that we have created a truly unique company that offers programs that show ‎you parts of the country seldom traveled and immerses you in the local culture. Our ‎adventures provide a perfect blend of physical activity combined with cultural and ‎ecological awareness.



Reza ZareChianReza zarechian


Reza ZareChian was born in Tehran , he was graduated in Gemology and jewelry making and designing from Iranian Ministry of Mine and Indian Diamond Institute ,

He also passed 6 months Tour leaders' course successfully and received permission from Iranian tourism and cultural organization,

During his 9 years currier he have had corporation with foreign group from France , Germany , Britain , Netherlands , Japan … As tour operator and tour  leader, in Several region in Iran , particularly in central region and desert also around Caspian sea .

He is expert of camel trekking and camping in desert and also in jangles and mountain biking too,

As he himself has experienced adventure travel to countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, He arranges international tour to above countries for Iranian people.


 Naser Hematinaser hemai

A very ambitious person who is willing to learn and take

on new skills. He has been traveling around the world for

the past 20 years and is so in love of travel that decided

to continue studying in travel field. He graduated

in international travel and tourism management from

London Metropolitan University in 2013 and since has

been working with Adventure Iran "Caravan Kooch Adventure Travel".


Fatemeh Fereidooni
Fatemeh has worked in the Iranian tourism industry for more than 20 years and possesses experience and expertise in all aspects of the industry including as a tour guide, operator, translator and as a designer of MICE, eco-tourism, pilgrimages and other special interest tours.
She learned French language in Paris and she is known as a well-known tour guide of Paris. She has also worked as translator, facilitator, coordinator and assistant for French NGOs in Afghanistan for more than 3 years and is the sole travel expert regarding Afghanistan in Iran.
Fatemeh’s particular expertise is in designing and operating specialist anthropological and sociological tours – including agricultural, culinary and handicraft tours, and in providing and managing tours for senior citizens and people with special needs and disabilities.

People and their ordinary lives are at the core of Fatemeh’s attention and form the main theme of her tours.