This information is intended for the American, British (UK) and Canadian nationals only

According to the rules and regulations of Iran, visa procedure for the above passport holders is different with other nationalities. They need to be on a tour with an authorised guide and must apply for visa via a registered travel agency. Their tour guide must be with them from the entry point to Iran until the departure. This means that they can NOT travel independently. It is recommended to book their trips at least two months before their flight date. This is the minimum required time to apply and process their visas. American passport holders must travel on a private tour but British and Canadian nationals can travel as a group or join a fixed group tour with fixed itinerary.

In order for us to apply for a visa authorisation number for theses nationaities, beside regular booking form and its visa section we will need an up to date CV and also a form which will be sent regarding social media activity. If you are British to facilitate the procedure or for any questions you can contact our office in London and we will try to help you. Please check this page:

Please note that the duration of visa for these nationalities is exactly according to the itinerary. To make it cheaper for you and easier for us we cannot customise a tour to make it longer.