Mountain Biking in Iran

The options for mountain biking are endless. You can challenge yourself on long, hilly rides out on the valleys or just explore the villages in the lower valley. Or for the less energetic you can have a strictly down hill tour.
Exploring the area on a bike is a fantastic way to experience the local culture and way of life. It allows you to get off the beaten track and explore rural farming areas.For long trips there are plenty of places to stay scattered around the country so you can travel easily. You don’t have to bring your own bike; good quality front suspension mountain bikes can easily be hired from Tehran or some other main cities.
For the adrenaline seekers there are some really good down hill routes on offer around Tehran and other main cities, For the serious rider, there are also mountain bike trail in north Iran, Please contact us for detail and information.

Adventure Iran can tailor any mountain biking trip to suit your needs. Here is a taste of some excellent tours you can do.

  • Desert in central Iran.
  • Forest in North of Iran near Caspian sea.
  • Around Tehran, capital of Iran


Mountain Biking Information

  1. Fitness and experience:

    For day trips around Tehran anyone can do them from the novice to the advanced rider. If you are planning on longer rides then you should have a good level of fitness and some biking experience. If you have never ridden long distances or consecutive days before then it can become quite difficult and painful. If you are doing a long trip we suggest you try and ride 50km 3 or 4 times a week and do some uphill climbing as well. By being fit you will improve the enjoyment of your trip.

  2. The guides:

    Our guides are all highly qualified and expert riders. They know all the best trails and ways around the foothills. our guides are also all bike mechanics and can fix any problems that should occur on the trail. our guides will be trained in first aid and emergency procedure. Most importantly the guides are all locals, being well versed in the local culture and history to allow you to get the most out of your trip. They are fun and friendly for your upmost enjoyment.

  3. The bikes:

    When doing a biking tour you can bring your own bike and helmet along with you. To transport your bike on the plane is no problem and as long as you are not over the weight limit you will not be charged extra. Your bike should be dismantled and packed securely in a box. We recommend you to get insurance for your bike and bring along a good lock and any spare parts. Spare parts such as tires and inner tubes, peddles, chains etc can be bought in Iran but the quality and price may vary a lot.
    You can hire a bike in Iran. At a small extra cost the company will supply you with a top quality Giant or Fuji bike with front suspension, a bike helmet, spare inner tubes and tools and a good lock and chain. You will be required to leave some form of identification as a deposit for any hire bike.

For more information about our Iran Mountain Biking tours.

Iran has different biking routes to suit every taste. They can be flat for leisure bikers, up and down for moderate abilities or challenging and tough for experienced individuals. For the adrenaline seekers there are very good downhill routes around Tehran and other main cities while for the serious rider, many challenging routes are available in the Alborz range.
There is a vast difference in the type of terrain that one encounters once cycling the country.  Generally the north encompassing the Alborz mountain range, includes forests, a variety of agricultural activities and picturesque villages nestled in narrow valleys. The central plateau is the hub of all the desert trips. In the south we focus our trips strictly on a handful of islands located in the Persian Gulf.
Exploring the area on a bike is a fantastic way to experience the local culture and way of life. It allows you to get off the beaten track and explore rural cultures. For longer trips there are plenty of places to stay all around the country, so you can easily plan your trip. There is no requirement  to bring your own bike. Adventure Iran provides suitable rental bikes. If serious bikers desire to bring their own gear, they are more than welcome.
We are the leading Mountain Biking operator in the country, that offer a wide range of trips in order to facilitate opportunities for travellers to experience a combination of biking, historical exploration and immersion in the local culture and way of life.