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Adventure Iran is the only local operator focused on cycling tours. We offer quite a number of high quality trips for cycling enthusiasts. Our bicycle of choice is the Mountain Bike which we use for all our trips: off road trails and dirt roads as well as paved roads.  We offer back country paved and dirt road, single-track mountain biking in mountains and deserts of the country. The company provides suitable rental bikes, however if serious cyclists desire to bring their own gear they are more than welcome. Many years of experience performing numerous trips has resulted in Adventure Iran becoming the local operator for some of the most established and known European Mountain biking tour operators.  We offer them a wide range of trips in order to facilitate opportunities for their clients to experience a combination of biking, historical exploration and immersion in the local culture and way of life.

Adventure Iran offers Mountain Bikes for rent. We have cross country mountain bikes with a complete size selection from XS to XL. The bike types are hardtail and full suspension and the brands are Giant and Specialized. When you book one of Adventure Iran’s tours, you can get your rental bike half price. Helmets, gloves, flat tire kit and a mini pump are included as part of the rental package. Please check the details: Iran Mountain Bike Rental Service.

Iran Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike Rental Services


Transportation and support vehicle

Most of the cycling tours operated by Adventure Iran come with support vehicle/vehicles. We transfer the bikes during non-cycling parts of the route. Depending on the group size and road conditions we use different vehicle with roof bike racks. We also transfer and carry your extra bags according to the itinerary. You only carry your small bag during cycling days and the crew will transfer the other stuff every day. If the routes are single track and therefore the support vehicle cannot follow, you will have your gear in the evening at the camp site.


Guides and Group Size

On our cycling tours, you will be in a small group of between 4 to 15 people. You will also be accompanied by our crew, a cycling guide who will pedal with you on the trail and a driver with a support vehicle to carry your luggage, cook your delicious meals and take care of anything else. On the trail when we cross villages or small towns, we will stay with local people and experience their hospitality and way of life. We will cross some amazing landscapes and visit historic sights.
All our biking tours are graded according to the type of terrain, your fitness and technical ability.


Our Mountain Bike trips are seasonal

In the spring we offer trips that stick to low altitude mountainous terrain, or foothills as we still have considerable amount of snow at higher elevations. This is a good season for long distance desert trips as well. Cycling through Iran’s Dasht-e Kavir is a good example of this type of tour. In addition, we combine our active cultural journeys with our mountain biking trips during spring time. This is an excellent choice for active first time visitors who like to combine their love of cycling with exploration of main tourist destinations which are Shiraz, Esfahan, Kashan and Tehran.  Explore Highlights of Iran by Bicycle is the most popular trip for spring time. This is a mix of mountain and desert paved and dirt backroads from Shiraz to Tehran.

In summer time, most of Adventure Iran mountain biking trips operate in higher altitude mountainous regions; i.e.  Alborz Mountain Range in the north of Iran, south of the Caspian Sea; and Zagros Mountain Range in the west. South of Iran and the deserts are too hot for this type of activity.
Mountain Bike from Tehran to the Caspian Sea is a typical example of a summer trip. In early summer we offer couple of amazing mountain biking trips through Iran’s National Parks and protected areas: Adventure MTB through Lâr Protected Area is an example of these types of trips which we perform in late spring and early summer. For expert riders looking for a challenge we recommend the strenuous rated Climb to Mt Damavand peak 5610 M. This one can be done between mid-July to end of August.

During autumn you have a number of options. They could be accomplished in reasonably warm temperatures. The weather is better in the desert compared to spring. We have designed both short and long duration cycling desert trips. Best times are from September to November. We have many combination Active cultural Trips with cycling which are ideal for early autumn. We also offer a few number of short single track mountain biking tours for central Alborz Mountains in October and November. A good example for serious riders is the Single Track MTB tour from northern Tehran through Alborz Mountains.


The winter season arrives with images of snow for everyone. In Iran our northern mountains receive heavy snowfall and temperatures are rather too cold for most cyclists. However, in the southern regions of the country we have very pleasant temperatures in Dasht-e Lut which is a UNESCO heritage site as well. Lut is one of the most beautiful deserts on earth and it’s an awesome place to pedal inside, through and beyond this special place.

We also have perfect temperatures around the coastal regions of Persian Gulf (1500 km of coastline). The only pleasant time for cycling in these parts is also the winter season. We have a couple of magnificent islands in the Persian Gulf which are unusual and exotic locations for cycling and exploration. An example is cycling in Qeshm & Hormuz Islands in the Persian Gulf. Qeshm Island is categorized as a GeoPark. Truly a fascinating place not to be missed.  These trips are run only in the winter season. Give yourself an opportunity to experience a truly unique environment of unusual costal cycling activities, sea food dishes not seen elsewhere, and a chance for socializing with local communities.

For the most popular trips we have fixed departure group tours. However, you can always send your inquiry to us and request your desired departure to be operated by us as a private tour.
For the complete list of tours offered by us please check Iran Biking Tours

North Tehran Mountain Biking Tour

Shemshak, Dizin and Darbandsar MTB

A flexible and seasonal MTB tour in northern Tehran in Central Alborz Mountain around Shemshak, Dizin, and Darbandsar Ski Resort
3 Days
Biking Iran

Explore highlights of Iran by Bicycle

Cycling from Shiraz towards the Caspian Sea through mountains and deserts and visiting Iran’s most popular UNESCO sites
16 Days
Mountain Biking Iran Tour

Coast to Coast through Dena Mountain by Bicycle

A summer holiday Iran cycling tour from Persian Gulf towards the Caspian Sea and visiting the main highlights of Iran
21 Days
Iran Mountain Biking

Lavasan Cycling Self Guided Tour

Visiting the main Iran tourist cities and the UNESCO sites by Persian food tour TOUR CODE 140-STN-BIK START Tehran FINISH
2 Days


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Crossing Zagros & Dasht-e Kavir desert with Mountain Bike

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